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To the young voters

Published February 16. 2019 06:23AM

To all our fine young people who voted straight Democrat,

Think about what you’ve done! I’m 81 … in 20 years I won’t be here, BUT YOU WILL! Perhaps you will have children and then grandchildren, and you and they will have to live with what YOU voted for on Election Day 2018!

Think of it, Socialism, everything GIVEN to you, because there will be no jobs, your working class jobs will all be done by robots! NO WALL, illegal immigrants, criminals of the lowest kind, and no one to stop them, because they will have better “rights” than you, the true Americans will have.

Who will be ruling your world? The Clinton family? Bill, Hillary, Chelsea? Or Nancy Pelosi and all her cohorts?

Will you remember all the freedoms we had? Will you be sorry you voted straight Democrat against our fine president, Donald J. Trump? I fear he may be the last of a dying breed or real Americans, true Americans …

We, of our generation, are becoming extinct, like the dinosaur, and you will have to live with what you’ve done to the greatest nation on God’s dear Earth.

I feel so sorry for you,

Ruthann Schlecht


P.S.: Obama called it the fundamental transformation of America!

Right on Ruthann. The media drills into every move Trump tries to make, yet they never drilled into that statement... "Fundamentally Transform America".
The younger generation has been indoctrinated through the government school system, by teachers who have been indoctrinated through the universities. It all began, late 19th century, by the Fabian Society. Look them up.
The Christian worldview endorses sound or hard money, fiscal responsibility, saving for a rainy day, deferred gratification, paying off monthly credit card bills, living within one’s means, etc.
Socialism is the economic system of both the Marxist-Leninist worldview and the Fabian Society. The Fabians first made their way into Harvard (1894). These people want to see capitalism destroyed, either forcefully or gradually, and most would rejoice if Christianity were destroyed along with it. Socialists and liberals generally see in Christians “an infallible marker of mental retardation".
Marx advanced the socialist cause by calling for social or public ownership of property and the abolition of private property.
Winston Churchill painted socialism as a philosophy of failure, a creed of ignorance, and a gospel of envy whose inherent virtue “is the equal sharing of misery.” This is fundamentally wrong kiddies, and antithesis to our Constitution.
The Fabian movement in the US was a Christian socialist movement so your post is wrong. Find me an active Fabian organization in the US.
I don't know about Christian roots in the FS. That's news to me, I'll certainly look in to where you would come up with that.

Not sure if posting links is allowed here Joe. I've been looking into the FS for several years, and it doesn't mix with the teachings of Christ. I don't think Marx would even have tried to use Christianity. Don't Know Joe. Thanks for checking them out. Did you see that Shaw was a Fabian? How about John Dewey? That's scary!
Take care Joe.
William Bliss, the person responsible for Fabian coming to Harvard was an Episcopal priest.

Neither of those articles suggest there is an active Fabian society in the US of any scale. Given that most would have to look it up to see what it is tells me this is merely a bogeyman created by the far right press.
Fabians use a wolf in sheep's clothing as one of their mascots. Matthew 7:15 (Sermon on the Mount), Jesus warned of... well, read for yourself... “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."
I thank you for at least looking into this.
Fabius believed in avoiding direct confrontation unless absolutely necessary. Fabians realize that you can Not force collectivism on a people at the point of a gun, as Hitler tried.
Now let's discuss "Collectivism", and Biblical Teaching. To clarify... If I put the community's needs ahead of his own, I demonstrate collectivism. When I put my own needs ahead of the needs of the community, that demonstrates individualism. When I exercise collectivism and giving for the good of others in the church, my offering is always voluntary (Acts 5:4). My desire to honor God and benefit the church drives that act, not a mandate. Jesus asked I benefit others, but to do so because it pleases God (not government). Hebrews 13:16
If we as a nation, function as I describe, in God's design, the intent is to be mutually supportive. But, again, the focus is on God, and not through government mandate (Law). Someone help me here.
On the other hand, individualism is also valued in the Bible. Jesus tells a story in Luke 19 that illustrates the responsibility of each person to properly steward the things God blesses us with (Luke 19:11–27). This is something I am studying through Joe, so I hope I illustrate properly here.
When I live with our mind and heart set on Christ, I can trust the Holy Spirit to lead me. I am lead to believe, through the Holy Spirit, to see the works of my faith as one to be through the Church, and not through Government. My greatest worldly argument for this, is one of accountability. The local Church can be so much more clever and wise in the distribution of goods, because of keeping things local (with me). Government can't, and doesn't do this thing we call stewardship in an efficient, accountable and transparent way, as does the church. Too much to get into here, but socialism does not, and never will work.
Peace Joe
Nothing more enjoyable than the hypocrisy of those who consume the most social services railing against "socialism". Remember those same young people you deride are paying your Social security and Medicare.
So you subscribe to socialism? Why don't you move to a truly socialist country? Why do you want to change America and screw it up? WTF? Yup I said that. I'm a hypocrite.
I'm pretty free market in my beliefs about an economy and so are the Democrats. This belief that having better social services and a push to green energy is "socialism" is silly and another manufactured bogeyman.
What if it's not a boogieman? What if the social service allows man to surrender one more thing to government. Giving Government control over finances, then Healthcare, then give government the control over environment? Don't you find it dangerous to have a Government School System? Consider what happens when these professional educators are involved in political activism for
social justice, environmental, or political gain? Who's to remain apolitical, and who's not? Government controls your Healthcare, and Biden called it a "Big F_ _ king Deal" (his words, not mine).
The environmental issues would allow government to dictate who can do what, and the decisions would come through the EPA, which is made up of appointed positions, not elected ones. That stands true for Dept of Education as well. Step back and have a look Joe. You'll notice a trend among the educators this year. It's one of activism. LA settled the strike, but next will be Virginia.
What's taught in the classroom today, will be embraced by government tomorrow.
“Menstrual equity” activists are calling on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to take action to ensure that K-12 school bathrooms are equipped with free menstrual hygiene products to combat what they call “period poverty.” I'm not making that up Joe.
I found this on the NEA's website, “It’s hard to get some teachers to realize that everything related to education and to our profession is a political decision, but it really is. I know everyone is busy these days, but we need to make sure our voices are heard." It went on to state, "No doubt, today’s students, teachers, and communities are the true benefactors of activists."
You OK with that Joe?

Yawn. We have had "government control" over schools and health insurance for decades yet you fear change. The affordable care act was less socialist than Medicare. If girls are unable to afford menstrual products and it is leading to increased healthcare costs and missed school than lets make sure that proposal happens.

Are you a Social Security recipient? Are you a Medicare recipient? Pledge now that to be consistent you will decline both. If you’re not willing to do this, then shut up.
The old "Are you a Social Security recipient" argument. I paid into the SS, not by will, but by might, no choice. The left champions choice, but only for some... and only sometimes. :)
SS is failing, because the ruling elites take that money (not theirs), and distribute it to whoever they wish, in hope it will bring more political power (votes).
Healthcare through government will not work, and I hate being mandated by government, to participate in BS I don't support or believe in. That's how I feel about Public School by the way.
Turn it down, you are supporting socialism by accepting the benefits. You will recieve way more $$ and benefits than you paid in if you live to the average life expectancy. If you feel you need to be made whole than collect Social Security and Medicare until you have retrieved all of your payroll taxes then donate the check to charity thereafter.

Or do you prefer being a socialist living off the public dime?
It's not my turn to apply the dressing to the wound. This Pandora's box was opened before I was born. Bernie Madoff went to jail for a scheme like SS.
So you are perfectly ok with being an accessory to a crime after the fact? Receiving stolen goods? You are characterizing payroll taxes as theft but you're willing to collect that money over and above your lifetime contributions. If you truly believe it is theft, then you are participating in it and breaking the commandment to not steal.
I want my money back. That's pretty easy to understand. Call it what you want. Maybe I'll willingly buy you a cup of coffee one day after we retire.
So we agree, collect only what you put in. Anything above that is theft and Marxism by your definition. Keep in mind the average earner will collect almost three times the amount contributed (inflation adjusted) in SS and Medicare. If you get really sick, like cancer or heart disease, it could easily be 10-20x what you contributed after claims are paid.

So Mike, let’s hear a pledge from you that you refuse to profit from the sins of our government. Stop collecting after your contributions are returned. Be consistent. Otherwise you too are a big old Marxist.
Truth be told, I was a Marxist back when I was a labor union proponent. I've changed in my ways when I decided to follow Jesus. With that in mind, much of my money in SS, was taken at a time when I subscribed to such Bern Brained Ponzi BS. Top that!
I don’t opt in it's mandated. My pay would rise by 15%, because the wage taxes employers pay to Social Security come off worker's pay in the end. By the way, there is no money in the Social Security trust fund. Zero, Zip. Nada. The leftists who spout that there’s a several trillion dollar surplus are wrong. most important, the money for Social Security and similar programs that the government robs from us also robs us of personal independence, self rule and freedom to use of our own wealth as we select. This crap forces people to react like beggars seeking crumbs from paternalist political masters. You like that? This junk eventually grinds us down, to where we become servile subjects rather than self-responsible citizens. That's what the founding fathers tried to avoid, and then along comes the Joe's of the world.
Oh take responsibility! "I was mandated". "They made me take it, wah wah". Again, pledge to only take out what you paid in. I'll even allow for a reasonable rate of return on top of it.

By the way, do you have car insurance? Home owners insurance? Same "ponzi" scam as SS. Thats how insurance works, everyone pays in and as long as claims are smaller than premiums the system works. Social security is the same so stop acting like it is some bizarre scam. It is the mainstream way insurance is provided in the world.

By the way, the SS trust fund is quite fine. This whole idea, perpetuated on both sides, that the government is raiding it to pay for other projects is a myth. Let me provide you with the truth so you stop spreading this falsehood. Instead of leaving the surplus in a bank account that accrues ~1% interest, the government invests the surplus money. In most cases this investment is in the form of government bonds (AAA rated). The government uses bond funds to pay for all sorts of things from infrastructure to military spending. Some politicians have tried to spread the falsehood that the government using bond funds invested from Social Security is equal to "raiding the coffers". This would be like an investor putting money into a Vanguard Bond Fund then screaming "Vanguard is raiding my retirement account!!" Its a way that politicians try to manipulate us, you need to do better than helping them spread this falsehood.

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