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Work begins on Palmerton monument

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    Concrete was poured for the base of The Sons of Liberty 1775 monument in Palmerton on Tuesday. HUNTRE KEIP/TIMES NEWS

Published June 19. 2019 11:04AM


A monument is in its beginning stages in Palmerton, and it will honor the local soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The 8-foot sculpture, The Sons of Liberty 1775, will be at the corner of Fourth Street and Delaware Avenue by the Palmerton Police Department. The sculpture is of Continental Army soldier Peter Nothstein.

The monument will include the sculpture, a bronze plaque and a flagpole holding a Betsy Ross American flag.

The footer and base hole was dug on Monday, and concrete for the base was poured on Tuesday. It is expected to be complete next week.

A dedication ceremony will be planned for later this summer.


There is no bigger waste of money than monuments to the lies and revisionist history of this failing country.
What a great idea to give thanks to the Sons of Liberty. This monument honors the first generation of warriors that made this great country possible. If it were not for courage and sacrifices, America would not have been possible. America has so much to be proud of. Generations of heroic warriors became part of a movement that was greater than themselves. The U.S. Military is one of the finest organizations in the world. America is great. MAGA! DO, you are a low intellect rude punk with extreme mental dysfunction that probably washed out of the military after 1 day because you were either too stupid or too weak to make it. Every one of your posts indicate you are too stupid for military service. You, DO, have a big mouth with no courage or strength. You can stay home in your pajamas in your parent’s basement and post here. DO, you are a loser that should not even be allowed to look a warrior in the eyes. Too bad...for you DO. Ha ha. Heroes die once, cowards die a million deaths. You, DO, are a coward. Keep it up!
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He's conditioned worship the flacid republican phallus. He can only respond with violence or rhetoric. How an you not hate the cause of America's downfall?
My ancestors fought in every war America ever had. I was a USAF pilot that served for 20 years. In honor of the fallen warriors that made sacrifices beyond themselves for the greatest country in the world I speak. I am so proud to be an American. You can be thankful for the courage of warriors that maintain freedom. Maybe if you were shot at you would appreciate it. Move to another country DO,if it is so bad here. See how that works out...especially if you insult the President. Every day I am in awe of our great military and our great country. Anyone that does not understand that is either a fool or a nut job. DO, you are a traitor. You have insulted warriors and lauded their death in training and combat. For that DO, you can go to hell. America is great! I buried better men than you will ever be, DO. Never forget that. I am going to stuff those insults right back down your throat. Sign up...if you are such a tough guy. Let’s see what you can do. You, DO, are a coward with a big mouth.
Right away with the childish name-calling. Who raised you? What do you think your childish behavior will accomplish?

Frankly, you certainly do not come across as a warrior deserving of respect. You are acting like a petulant child.

The US has not been involved in a single conflict post WW2 that in any way justified the killing of any of our soldiers. You can strut around until purple feathers pop out of your ears - still won't change the fact that all of you military folks have been sold a bill of goods. Serving your country? Just how has your country repaid you? When will you realize how you have been used?
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The US Military is one of the finest establishments in the world. It is the reason that you are free right now. Military folks, as you say, “have been sold a bill of goods” is wrong. Please elaborate upon that. You seem anti-military. I am interested in how you reached that conclusion. You should be proud of our military. Every conflict at the time, with the exception of Vietnam (looking at hindsight) was fully justified. You seem to insinuate that killing soldiers is the objective. Let me correct you on that. Soldiers do not look forward to combat. It is the soldiers that pay the ultimate price in war. War is not fun. Additionally, you mistakenly insinuate that the mil is brainwashed. This I believe is the core of your misunderstanding. The finest, best trained, self-sacrificing, patriotic citizens join the military. After 20 years in the mil, I was able to learn a task that could readily be transferred the civilian world. You should thank your lucky stars you are an American. You are protected by the finest armed forces in the world. Next time you drive by a cemetery, look at all of those flags that represent generations of warriors that sacrificed in some way to keep you free. Read a couple of books on American wars to brush up on Patriotism before you try to stuff purple feathers in your ears...or elsewhere. You don’t seem to know much about the military. America is great.

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