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Tamaqua man charged with stalking

Published February 11. 2019 09:25AM

Viorel Onea, 49, of Tamaqua, was charged with stalking and criminal mischief after he reportedly caused trouble for a former girlfriend.

The victim contacted police after Onea continued to enter her apartment despite her breaking up with him almost 12 months ago. She complained to the landlord about Onea still having a key to the building, but it didn’t help.

Over the months, Onea repeatedly approached her or her daughter, to the point where she filed for a protection from abuse order. At that point, things quieted down.

Then on Dec. 25 and 27, he dumped trash on the property. On Jan. 10, he struck her vehicle with a pole. On Jan. 11, he struck her car, twice, with his Ford Freestar. He also left a trail of gummy bears at her door.

The charges were filed on Jan. 14.

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