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Stern retains presidency on Lehighton School Board

Published December 05. 2019 11:23AM


Larry Stern retained presidency of the Lehighton Area School District board of directors Wednesday night after a narrow 5-4 vote.

Stern, who was nominated by Rita Spinelli, was up against Joy Beers, who was nominated by Richard Beltz.

Before the vote, Director David Bradley spoke out against Stern, who has been president for the past two years, calling his term, “riddled with turmoil.”

“We need to get back to fidelity and honoring the oath of office,” Bradley said. “Joy has experience. She’s run many organizations in the past on a national level.”

Prior to Bradley speaking, resident Dave Krause asked the board for “continued strong and experienced leadership with more emphasis on meeting decorum and civility.”

“Members of the public have been silenced because one board member monopolizes 90 percent of the meeting,” Krause said. “Who can afford to wait for hours to voice their opinions when people have work and families to take care of. And if they have to time to hang around or speak, they are interrupted and attacked.”

Krause urged the board to elect a leader who would “put an end to personal attacks, name calling, and bullying and harassment of staff.”

Beers touted her own leadership credentials in a pitch for the presidency, saying that Bradley has a history of running off at the mouth.

“There are times I don’t think he should talk as much as he does and I would have cut him off,” Beers told fellow board members. “I have worked with diverse groups that had disagreements and have been able to get everyone together through doing research and finding facts and bringing everyone’s interests forward.”

Stern received votes from himself, Wayne Wentz, Spinelli, Stephen Holland and board newcomer Nathan Foeller.

Voting for Beers were herself, Bradley, Beltz and Gail Maholick.

“Thank you for the vote of confidence,” Stern said of the result.

An identical 5-4 vote saw Spinelli get the vice president post over Maholick.

Foeller, by a 6-3 vote, was appointed as the board’s representative on the Carbon Career and Technical Institute joint operating committee over Maholick.

Holland was appointed as the alternate to that committee.


Was there any doubt the A@@holes would vote the largest A@@hole in charge!!!! Hey all you stupid idiots that voted for those jerks hope you like your tax increases!!!!!! I have never seen an area with such nepotism and stupid people that blindly just follow them like this district!
Irony? Check out the relationships between the loudest mouths opposing transparency and the district website naming the staff.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Again Mister Bradley I find it amazing that you want to talk about transparency when you yourself try to hide things from us I'm still waiting for your path to solvency what is your plan what would you do would you cut the football program

Where is your plan to better improve the education of our students
Irony? Check out the relationships between the loudest mouths opposing transparency and the district website naming the staff.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Let's take a look at what you tried to do in the last school board meeting you wanted a a commission I believe you called it to investigate financial matters and only the people that you put on it where your cohorts

Yup. A task force of individuals with the business skills to review the educational benefits the district is currently providing, reporting to the people and the board, with a target of bringing details to the January board.meeting.

The cronyism appears to be running rampant. Board members with familial relations appear to be blocking lawful transparency. If a director willingly abdicates their authority to the very people they were elected to oversee, I find that an immoral actions of my government.

The government voted to rebuke, censure, sanction. They took action to silence, attack and bare false witness against those seeking basic lawful transparency.

Let's get the public data to the public, review it together, and get this district on track to protect the students and save the community. The financial cliff appears to be eroding underneath the district. With the next big financial shock wave, the contract negotiations, we should at least know what we are buying. This district admitted to authorizing an insurance contract before it had a full copy of the policy. Bad actions of government are unacceptable in a civil society.

Just how concerned of a parent are you? And who are you concerned about? The students?


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Well like I said I am concerned about the education of our children
I am concerned that a person who wants transparency only wants his people on the task force
I am concerned you have knowledge of things but you wont tell the citizens
I am concerned that you have no respect for the other members of the board
I am concerned that your vision for the future will ruin this community
I am concerned that the people of this community dont see thru your lack of understanding of what's going on
I am concerned about the people not understanding that you have no morals
JLeague.... I completely agree with you but this is not just about a few sour apples this goes all the way back when a certain board member passed away and before even the first school or fafafafootball stadium was built. These jerks in charge have snowballed everyone in the district to where they get enough votes to stay where they are at.....
Yes let's research this person. If you would ask this person that you indicated provides data, she would tell you exactly where she finds it. She does the research. As you said you "only assume". The person you are speaking about is concerned about the students and the taxpayers. One of her major focus points is controlling spending while giving the teachers the materials needed to educate the children. Spending on needs not wants. Yes, she questions the board and the administration. We all have that right. Ask her how many people have expressed their concerns to her about the inevitable tax increases, whether or not they will be able to afford their medication or how long they will be able to afford to stay in their home. So what views do you think someone running for the board should have? I do agree there should be term limits. That would take care of a few of the current board members and bring in some new ideas.
More people should attend the meeting and speak out against the corruption and waste.

We all need to step up and protect the students and save the community.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Again with the corruption there is no corruption you can't prove to me or to anybody that there is corruption you're making assumptions based on half of the information that you say you get

You can't say in one breath that you don't get the information you need and then the other one you said there there's corruption
How do you know there's corruption if you don't receive the paperwork then you say you don't get
Tons of corruption and waste, proven, and shared.

If you want more proof, let's host a meeting. You pick the time and a public place, and I will bring our boxes of proof spanning eight years.

The immorality of those acting as Director including Larry Stern, Andrew Yenser, Rita Spinelli, Wayne Wentz and others are well documented.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Not pick a place be transparent put the information out there
You seem to wanna do things behind d closed doors
Why is that
Why cant I see this information you have
Or the video of the meeting you had last sunday

Come on dont be hypocrite
One thing is for sure. She does her homework and won't be silenced.

There is an extensive team of individual citizens that research the data and expose the corruption and waste. Many active citizens have children in the district or family members as staff who are restricted from speaking up.

Intimidated parent and citizens allow others without such risks to speak up. That is originally how I got involved to clean up this corrupt and wasteful government agency. The old board silenced friends at the meetings trying to expose lies told by the board and administration.

We are getting closer to a full moral board. Be patient.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Mister Bradley you are the one that every time somebody speaks out you post things on the Facebook you post things on YouTube you don't have the gumption to stand there and defend your point of view and actually say anything that matters

You repeat the same crap over and over
Simple question mr. Bradley how much would it cost over a 10-year period to upkeep the schools and the football field how much revenue are we making from all the extracurriculars that we have at the football stadium and the new gymnasium at the new school
So let me ask you again how much do you actually know about the cost of up keeping the old Stadium over a 10-year. Compared to just building a new one where we can receive our findings back through extra football games District track and field

What is your solution
What is your solution to better educate our children
See here's the problem you can have your opinion because that's what it is there is no reason to make it personal why are they jerks because they stand up for what they believe in or are they jerks because they don't believe the same stuff you do
The homtown team candidates were supported by the political Reach Committee, who received funds from the PSEA-PAC.

The contract negotiations are this year as well. Bring on the morality.

Imagine if we had a transparent district, maybe we would be able to find out why the instructional budget went up about 9% last year alone, yet only 30% the past decade.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Hey Citizen'd that moral majority work out for you at last nights meeting?

Your punctuation, word usage and grammar reminds me of someone that hates my transparency mission.

Give the self proclaimed Christian business person a chance. Have faith.
Character is found once the political favors take a second seat to moral actions, and the responsibility to honor the oath of office. Patience.


Daveyboy aka
Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
A 5 to 4 margin IS NOT a vote of confidence amongst 9 members after applying your personal vote for yourself. This attempt to spin the results is why Stern should not continue the board leadership.
But would you be saying the same thing if it was 5 for the other way Bradley is just changed the cold post he moved the goalposts it's all he's done
And Bradley still doesn't have a specific plan besides transparency to actually improve the tax situation and the education of our children
Good news is we got rid of Andrew Yenser. So after eight years of effort we are now at a moral majority.

Be patient. This district is on a financial cliff. They will have to either listen to reason or tax their way out of a total mess created by a decade of miss management.

If we can get the people to review the options, financially documented options, austerity measures would be effortless. Just by removing the corruption and waste this district can issue a tax decrease, stabilizing the consumption.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Blah Blah Blah. The most ironic thing about all this nonsense is that the people of the community have spoken. I'm completely tired of the belittling from David and his little trolls. Thank god that his term will be coming to an end. Maybe, just maybe he will realize that while some of his intentions may have been good, his arrogance and complete disrespect for anyone that disagrees with him will be an end to what he once set out to do.
Haha, echo chamber much.

Morality is coming to Lehighton, face it. I just drew the first line in the sand.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Exposing the immoral government actions is being a civic minded individual, not a jerk. Well, in my mind anyway

Reviewing the the bills before payment, that is not a jerk move.
Seeking lawful transparency is not a jerk move. Was it the truthful exposure of Larry's Stern's abdication of authority to his wife's boss that you feel as jerky? As a concerned parent, I question your use of the adjective jerk.

I think a jerk is a politician who voted to raise taxes, or passed an unsustainable budget. A jerk would be a politician that failed to protect the students, or save the community. A jerk would be the politicians that failed to honor their oath, but that is just me.

So, you have your opinion and the adjective jerk has so many applications. I mean really, how many times can you use the adjective jerk to describe Larry, Wayne, Rita, Andy and Steve? I wonder how many times we could use the adjectives immoral, unfair, mean, obstructive and illogical.

That could be an interesting exercise, do you want to give it a try?


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Sweet heart I am not using the word jerk the people who support you say they support you because they like when your a jerk so there is that
The fact you say you dont respect people on the board

The fact you dont litsen to the young people who you are supposed to be a role model for
The fact as citizen on the board who demands change and transparency that you dont follow your own code is kinda bs

But please feel free to post your information at anytime I would love to read it

To all you people who keep backing the same IDIOTS that have run this district for years hope you like your tax increases! We voted Dave in to be a pain in the a@@ to sterny and his minions and he as done a great job at that because nothings going to change ...... I wonder who else we can put in next.
So jessie when I a child says start acting like adults
You say screw you I like the fact that the people are acting like idiots
You like the immaturity of bradley

Seeking transparency is not immature or immoral, actually the opposite.

Protecting children is not immoral or immature, actually the opposite.

Honoring the oath of office is not immature or immoral, actually the opposite.

Exposing Rubber Stamping Rita, Larry's wife's boss is Superintendent Cleaver, the actions of 'Unky' Wayne and that our business manager worked for BSI in the past could be seen as ironic. But, that is not immature, or immoral, just strange to me. Where I laugh and use satire, my humor is high brow, not sophomoric.

For instance, I focus on the actions of government that passed a tax raise and unsustainable budget, not the Rita nose pick, or Larry calling audience members the wrong names, or Wayne shamelessly poking at the band's undefeated status. I focus on just the facts.

Honor the oath
Check bills before payment
Get a copy of insurance policy before payment. Things like that.

But, you think what you want. I know how to be sophomoric, immature, just choose to use exposure of government to reform government.
Where you may find the exposure of government actions as immature, speak to those taking the action, not the people pleading for reform.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Ok first watch the video y pi u will hear a lot about the insurance policy
You david are sophomoric and that is why you arent taken seriously
I have said numerous times before you make valid points but it gets drowned out by your stupid personal attacks

When you ask for transparency while trying to start a group of only your cohorts is bs and another reason why your taken seriously

When you try a get a motion passed with out given all the information to the board or public is why you dont get taken seriously

I just believe that your out for yourself interest
I believe you dont care about the education of the kids in these school
I believe you dont have a plan to improve the schools because you dont care

What do they dish out
They sit their and he attacks them on a personal level at all times
Bradley hasnt said one word on how he plans on fixing the issue just transparency and that's not a solution

What is his solution
Why hasnt he posted the information he has on facebook or youtube so we can all see it

Why is he not being transparent
Well lets start with the easy on , we the voters voted out sterny but because one of the board members ran for two seat she had to give one up , SOO the wentz and the three other amiges re-appointed sterny ... hmm I would say THAT is unethical !!! But because the good ole boys network is alive and well guess who got re-appointed! ! can go back further if you would like. Next I am tired of all the wagon riding hometownteam backers crying about personal attackes when every year I get raped with these property taxes what could be more personal than that!
So your mad at gail for running for two seats and your mad at the system for one reelecting him and two making you have to pay property tax
How is that personal that's the system how do the board members deserve disrespect and being call a holes but follow the laws
They havent done anything but follow the laws
We are a community and we should act like it

How do you support a man who says he wants transparency when you put people on facebook and blurs their faces
A man who tries to pass a motion and dicieve the public with his stunt with the insurance company
A man who tried to make a committee full of his buddies (isnt that exactly what he has a issue with when it comes to the other side)

I have said numerous times and will continue to he has great points
But he cant be mad at postion he puts himself in
He isnt there to govern he is there to create a ruckus

When he actually comes out with a plan and is transparent and respectful himself it would go a long way
I am sorry you are missing my point! I was glad Gail won to start it kept a hometownA@@hole off the board! This goes all the way back to when board member passed away BEFORE DAVID came to be ! We the voters are sick and tired of the nepotism / good ole boys network that has been and still is in place ! If you REALLY want change than EVERYONE of the hometown team should resign now each one of them should pay for both schools and the fafafafootball stadium WE the taxpayers did not want! I have a better chance of winning the lottery than that happening.
Well first let me explain my self
You are mad that she won two seats and the rest of the board used the laws and regulations to vote on someone so you really have no argument there
Because if your side had more people then then their side your side would have voted for someone you liked
Your problem as I tell david all the time is respect goes a long way making fun of people isnt respectful and isnt being the role models you should be for the school district

I do find it interesting that you think the good old boy system is bad but dont speak out against david trying to pass a motion to create a committee with only his people on it

Isnt that creating a environment of good ole boy looking out for David's followers and his followers only

Well again what taxpayers didnt want the school I wanted the school I saw all the benifits and savings of a new stadium
So are you speaking fof your self or all of us

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