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Police charge student with assaulting teacher at Pleasant Valley

Published November 07. 2019 09:06AM


Fern Ridge State Police responded to the Pleasant Valley High School in Chestnuthill Township, for a report of a teacher being assaulted by a student.

The incident happened at 2:05 p.m. Oct. 28. As a result of an investigation, a 17-year-old male from Saylorsburg, was charged with aggravated assault causing bodily injury.

The victim is a 34-year-old woman from Effort.


Where was the resource officer? That wouldnt have happened with Trooper Rick present
You can thank yourselves for this type of behavior from the students if parents take the responsibility to teach their children respect. And maybe not be so wrapped up in fear of children and youth and show them how to respect their elders even as parents themselves. See back in the 19th century when you as much as raised your mouth to your parent you may have found your teeth on the floor. Let alone raise your hand to and elder, bring back corporal punishment in the schools as it was back then when teachers were respected and looked up to as educators. These kids today have no common sense or respect for themselves or their parents and a little old school discipline at home and school NEVER HURT ANYONE. Think about that every time your child talks back to you that you brought it on yourself through your parenting skills.
I agree with most of what you said except corporal punishment. Which can get out of control and will only teach violence. Where are the parents. Kids want and need your attention be it positive or negative. Rewarding positive behavior and ignoring negative behavior is where its at and really works, unless underlining mental issues. Sad situation that teachers have to deal with everyday in the class room. Lots of free advice on respected web sites on positive reinforcement.

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