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Pence to make fourth visit to Pennsylvania this year

Published December 07. 2019 08:02AM

HARRISBURG (AP) — Vice President Mike Pence is making another trip to the presidential battleground state of Pennsylvania this year, this time in a campaign swing.

Pence will appear Tuesday in Rochester, near Pittsburgh, to speak to a Veterans for Trump group before joining the president later in the day at a campaign rally at the Giant Center in Hershey.

Pence has already made three trips to Pennsylvania this year to visit manufacturers and make the case for Congress to pass the Trump administration’s rewrite of a trade pact with Canada and Mexico.

Tuesday evening’s rally is Donald Trump’s fourth visit to Pennsylvania this year.

Pennsylvania is important to Trump’s re-election campaign next year, a state where he scored a surprise win in 2016’s election to become the first Republican presidential nominee to win its electoral votes since George H.W. Bush in 1988.

Pennsylvania is one of several battleground states that could determine the outcome of the 2020 election because their electorates are so evenly divided.

Trump’s success in breaking the Democrats’ so-called blue wall in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania was key to him winning the White House.

There are many Democrats switching Parties in Pennsylvania. The DNC is desperately trying to regain lost ground to no avail. Panic is setting in.
If panic is setting in for the Dems....why did 186 Republicans vote NO on the Right to Vote Act. What are they afraid of......
I'm not familiar with the bill. I do know this... If it were a bill allowing a fetus (baby in mom's womb) to vote, and it passed, Democrats would want a ban on abortions. Just thinking out loud on this.
Enlighten us on details of the bill, and we can have a discussion.
Does it propose giving Saudi Nationals and Mexican Drug Cartel members a right to participate in our elections?
Not familiar with the voting rights of 65? She is talking about the amendment to that bill that was just passed. They didn’t cover this in Daily Caller? Lol

It’s educate mike time. The voting rights act was a bi-partisan Bill whose purpose was to prevent states from disenfranchising minority voters. It’s a really important law from the early years of the civil rights era so I’m surprised, but not surprised you hadn’t heard of it. SCOTUS struck down a part of the voting rights act and instructed the legislature that they would need to amend the law to reinstate some oversight provisions in a way that was constitutional. This is what was done with the support of only one republican. Sad
What is enfranchising minorities? Who says it's important. What is the Bill Number? If it's that important fill me in, educate me, but use truth not narratives and talking points. How can I know what you're talking about without details. You're a pretty snarky person Joe. But when you hide behind a username, you can cowardly invoke others to anger.
Not sure if you're an American, but you and others who hide behind usernames and provoke are cowards.
Got to hold your hand?

H. R. 4 is the new amendment to the legislation. Who is for it? Anyone who supports the 15th amendment. Who is against it? Anyone who seeks to suppress minority votes for political purposes.

But I finally understand your base your opinions on who is for or against something instead of assessing it yourself. Don't let the alt right bloggers form your opinion, form it yourself!

But again, the fact that you have never heard of the voting rights act of 65 is astounding. No wonder you hate teachers, you never paid attention to them in school.
Stop the B.S. Mike. And get your facts straight.
As of September 2019.
31 % Democrats
29 % Republicans
38 % Independents.
Hey come on now, haven't you learned yet, it is futile to present American and Christian values, facts, logic and common sense to the Trumpistas. They are a lost cause like the southerners wishing for the good old days of slavery to return. Imagine Jesus returning and entering a Trump rally and espousing the values of the gospel, helping the under privileged, accepting and aiding the refugee, it is easy to see how Trump and his cult would react, Trump would be screaming 'get him the hell out of here' and his minions would be pelting and denigrating Jesus as he was dragged out the door. So please stop trying to reach and educate the Trumpists, they have long ago abandoned any sense of being an American with an open mind and have relegated themselves to a slavish devotion to a billionaire draft dodger that lies constantly and stands against everything Christianity has to offer. Pity them, look down on them but never look to them to for any semblance of humanity.
I know Lookback, but there are times when Joe and I will not tolerate their bull.
The Trumpers are complicit in allowing a Dictator type regime
to take over.
Please teachers, educate your students. At least my generation had
Civics in high school and have a basic understanding of
branches of government and the Constitution.

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