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Over $1 million in drugs seized in Schuylkill County’s “Operation Strike Three”

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    Schuylkill County authorities announce results of “Operation Strike Three” on Tuesday. The drug sweep netted over $1 million of fentanyl, methamphetamine and heroin.
    From left are Schuylkill County Assistant District Attorney A.J. Serina, Pennsylvania State Police Troop L Public Information Officer David Beohm, PSP Troop L Lt. Scott Brennan, PSP Troop L station commander Michael Sadusky and Schuylkill County District Attorney Mike O’Pake.

Published October 08. 2019 04:02PM


One million dollars.

That’s the street value of the fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine seized during Schuylkill County’s largest drug bust – dollar wise – Tuesday.

Law enforcement personnel from 10 entities combined efforts to charge 14 people, 12 from Schuylkill County and 2 from Luzerne County, with drug-related crimes. Police seized 5 pounds of meth, 5 pounds of fentanyl and 1 pound of heroin, with a combined street value of over one million dollars. The 5 pounds of fentanyl had the greatest street value, estimated at more than $700,000.

At 2 p.m. Tuesday, officials gathered at the State Police Barracks, Troop L, Schuylkill Haven, to announce the busts, called Operation Strike Three. Bags of the various drugs, some in bulk powder, some packaged, covered the table, as well as scales, packaging materials and cash.

Schuylkill County District Attorney Mike O’Pake said that the investigations took place over a period of about nine months, with the Luzerne arrests stemming from information from Schuylkill County.

“It was a concerted effort by everyone involved,” O’Pake said, making special notice of work by Assistant District Attorney A. J. Serina. “I’m proud of what’s going on in the fight against drugs – if you’re a drug dealer, be careful, we’re coming to get you.”

The investigation and arrests involved the district attorneys from Schuylkill and Luzerne counties, Pennsylvania State Police Troops L and N, and police departments from Butler Township, Schuylkill Haven, Pottsville, Tower City, Ashland and Frackville.

O’Pake said that a press release detailing individual charges would be released Wednesday. Five people from Hazleton were arrested, Miguel Apolinaris, Felix Diaz, Yensi Matea, Manuel Blijden and Martin Diaz; and three from Pottsville, Douglass Huyett, Dennis Shafe and Shelia Carter. The others arrested include Cassandra O’Doherty, Mar Lin, Anthony Catizone, Ashland, Jeremy Wengert, Schuylkill Haven, Sharon Smith, Fredericksburg, Christopher Madenford, Joliet and Joseph Ganunis, Saint Clair. Twelve of those charged are currently incarcerated in Schuylkill County Prison, but two people – Shafe and Ganunis – remain at large with warrants posted for their arrests.


Say... me thinks Mayor Lou tried to head off folks like Miguel Apolinaris, Felix Diaz, Yensi Matea, Manuel Blijden and Martin Diaz, years ago, but some fought him off... well here you go folks.
How does Fentenal from China, and Heroin from Middle East, make it's way to Hazelton?
I'm for shooting the local drug dealers. Give 5 minutes to repent before God, and then do away with them. Use their own weapon against them, if they threw it in the river, jack em up with their product.
This crap is destroying us, but hey, open borders the Democrats cries, open borders!
The Federal and State Governments should ultimately just make drugs legal as a few states have done with marijuana. Imagine for a second all the money they could make in "Narcotics Cards" and all the sin taxes that would be paid at first. Then think of all the money they could save when all the junkies stop being a burden to society. It sounds cruel I agree, but if eugenics can't be legal then this is the next best thing. The deaths would be the best deterrent to drug use and we could end this government created "war on drugs".
Ah, but how else are we going to militarize our nation's police forces? DUI's in Corrupt County would be down for sure as will theft and domestic crimes. Maybe we can have an "employee restructuring event" and take our Mayberry's back!
Drugs, terrorism, corruption and other such nonsense would follow us there too.
As the mother of a recovering addict who fell victim to this epidemic here five years ago, Im with ADOPTED. Give them five mins to repent and shoot them all. NO MERCY From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU LAW ENFORCEMENT. As an aside, my cousin in NJ just lost his 27 yr old daughter yesterday-the mother of a set of twins. She had been clean for 8 months but this crap is mixed with Fentanyl and Meth and it damaged her heart. She went to sleep and never woke up. Shoot them all

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