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Man on drugs charged with stabbing dog

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Published February 06. 2019 07:27PM


A pit bull that was in critical condition after being stabbed by a Palmerton man who was under the influence of heroin is back home with her owner.

Palmerton Police Department posted on its Facebook page that they were advised by the veterinarian who treated Rosie, a 1-year-old pit mix, that she was just a few minutes from death due to blood loss.

“Fortunately, the staff at Valley Central were able to stabilize Rosie and close the roughly 5-inch wound,” the department said.

“Despite her ordeal, Rosie has not lost faith in humans, and she remains friendly and affectionate.”

The dog was released to her owner Wednesday night.

Trevor Strohl, 35, of Lehigh Avenue, has been charged with cruelty to animals in the incident.

According to the affidavit of probable cause filed by officer Timothy Kromer of the Palmerton Borough Police Department:

At 11:21 a.m. Saturday, Kromer, along with patrolmen Adam Shimer and Shawn Leadbetter were dispatched to the 200 block of Lehigh Avenue for a report that Strohl had stabbed a dog with a knife inside the residence and “was flipping out.”

Officers knocked on the door, and saw a man attempting to put direct pressure on the dog’s wound.

The dog, a gray pit bull, had a stab wound to the back of its neck and it was bleeding profusely.

A woman inside the residence said that Strohl had fled.

The man said that the dog’s owner was not at home.

Leadbetter rendered aid to the dog while Kromer obtained an address for the nearest emergency animal hospital.

Leadbetter transported the dog to Valley Central Animal Hospital in Whitehall, as Kromer began to search the area for Strohl.

Strohl was taken into custody in the 300 block of Alley E.

Officers recovered a black knife in a sheath and a hypodermic needle which Strohl said was used for injecting heroin.

Kromer also saw that Strohl had blood on his hands, which he later said was from the dog.

Strohl was observed to be under the influence of narcotics, as he was lethargic, slow to comprehend and answer questions, and appeared to be disoriented.

He was taken to the police station.

The woman told police she heard the dog crying and ran into the room and saw Strohl on top of the dog.

He then released the dog and they saw that it was bleeding.

The woman said she yelled at Strohl, asking what he did, and he said, “I thought someone told me to kill the dog.”

The woman said she began yelling and Strohl ran away.

Strohl faces charges of aggravated cruelty to animals, cruelty to animals, possession of drug paraphernalia, possessing instruments of crime, and public drunkenness.

He is currently incarcerated in the Carbon County Correctional Facility in lieu of $75,000, 10 percent bail, and is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing at 9:45 a.m. Feb. 13, before District Judge William Kissner of Palmerton.


So tell me... why not build a wall? What's immoral about trying to stop little cute dogs from getting stabbed by heroin enraged junkies? If this junkie would have inserted his knife into the neck of an unborn baby, as he performed an abortion (no longer need to be a physician you know), there would be no outcry.
Lacking a solid foundation, we have become a confused mass.
He's not a Mexican. Go figure! Just a weak minded yocal! Just one the products of the classic Deviant Republican upbringing. Build a wall around your retarded ass, meyers.
Trevor Strohl is an assholeree. He is your tax dollars at work. He was arrested and served time for a woman's overdose in Palmerton in 2015. I think he was also picked up in Palmerton with a bunch of weapons on him (knives - no guns - I think). Also driving while under the influence of probably Heroin.

We were lucky it was a dog he tried to kill and not somebody's kid.

Search his name on this site his mug shot is there. If you see him trying to stab something again please take the knife off him and shove it in his neck.
There are several Trevor Strohls' of Palmerton and this one is not the one who had anything to do with the woman who overdosed! Get your facts straight before you post bullshit against another person! nor has he ever had a license.. so again...wrong person!
We live on Lehigh Ave, near the home of the "owner" of Rosie. And the article is correct, she's a great little dog- one of the friendliest dogs we've ever met. Now, that said, the reason for the post is to point out to readers and the Palmerton Community that the house in question, the "owner's" house, is a drug flop-house. The police have been repeatedly called, AMPLE evidence has been provided to them of the revolving door of drug users and buyers going into the house, staying for 5-10 minutes, then leaving, yet little to nothing has been done. Nothing will be done, we're quite certain. One of the "owner's" neighbors has lived in his home for 55 years, and has approached the police repeatedly to do SOMETHING.. they don't want to hear about it anymore. The Palmerton Police, apparently rather than cleaning up the town and throwing out the trash, prefer to keep it on Lehigh Ave... so they can "Build a Case". That's the piss-poor excuse neighbors are given... "We're building a case..." Rumour around the neighborhood is they've been "building a case" for the last 5 years. Currently, the "owner" has a (twice) convicted drug dealer and batterer squatting in his garage, last fall there was a prostitute working out of one of his bedrooms, and the owner himself is on probation. But the "Deliveries" continue, several times a week: Bagman shoes up with bookbag, stays a few minutes, leaves with slightly deflated bookbag. Scumbags begin to show up soon thereafter. Now the dog's been stabbed by one of the useless drug addict shitstains he has living there. Will the Palmerton Police do anything about it? What do you think? Oh, and the house in question USED TO belong to the "owner"... he lost it at a tax sale in the Fall. The buyer, now his landlord, also refuses to do anything about the house and the "traffic"... I guess we'll just wait until a PERSON gets stabbed, then we'll do something about it... "The voices in my head told me to kill the guy walking down the street..." Great job Palmerton PD, way to write those snow removal tickets... at least they come around for that..
"Build a case" They only want the big time dealer believe me I have been round and round with the cops here in town over finding drugs in my home that belonged to my daughter. Nothing you do or say is ever going to work in this town. They won't do anything. I know this for a fact. They want snitches. My daughter no longer lives in my home. I have dealt with addicts in and out of my home waking up to find them at 4 am partying it up in my basement yet I couldn't do a thing about it. Due to my daughter residing her and she invited them here. I kicked them all out told them they aren't welcome back it is my house my rules. Palmerton won't do anything about the drug problem in this town. They haven't for the past 10years. Why start now. I feel bad for the dog going back to that house. That dog doesn't deserve to live there. My heart goes out to Rosie. I am a true dog lover and she should have not been released back to that home. This town in whole sucks. Wish I could move but here I am raising my grand kids. Giving them a stable life. But I want them out of this town. I didn't grow up here but people don't realize how corrupt it really is. I do! Let's face it the cops aren't going to "Build that case". Believe me I know. I have been down that road!
I hope he gets the help he needs.i use to be very close with him, very smart and intellectual, but overtime the drugs start to take over. I pray for this kid everynight and the other millions of drug addicts out there. He doesn't deserve death, he doesn't deserve to get stabbed in the neck. He deserves to recover and move forward with his life. I just hope it's not too late.

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