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Local roundup: Results from Sept. 25

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    Palmerton’s Analise Recker (center) reaches in to try and knock the ball away from Salisbury’s Rory Watson (left). NANCY SCHOLZ/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS

Published September 26. 2019 12:30PM

The Tamaqua and Marian boys and girls cross country teams recorded sweeps on Wednesday.

Elsewhere, the Tamaqua boys soccer, Palmerton field hockey, Jim Thorpe girls tennis and Pleasant Valley girls soccer teams also earned victories.



Pine Grove-Pottsville

The Tamaqua boys’ and girls’ posted a sweep in a Schuylkill League meet against Pine Grove and Lehighton at Pottsville.

Meanwhile, the Lehighton boys’ and girls’ both finished 2-1, falling to Tamaqua.

The Blue Raiders’ Grace Stegermerten ran to a first-place finish, while the Indians’ Kelsey Gaston finished fourth.

Brandon Fogarty paced the Tamaqua boys with a second-place finish, while Collin Wentz was fourth for the Indians.


Tamaqua 23, Lehighton 32

Tamaqua 18, Pottsville 44

Tamaqua 15, Pine Grove 50

Lehighton 19, Pottsville 36

Lehighton 15, Pine Grove 50

1. Grace Stegemerten (T) 21:43, 2. M. Love (PG) 21:45, 3. F. Kabana (T) 22:20, 4. K. Gaston (L), 5. A. Schell (P), 6. B. Dumond (T), 7. D. Wehr (L), 8. A. Arner (L), 9. L. Mateyak (T), 10. M. Cressley (L), 11. M. Carroll (T), 12. A. Williams (L), 13. Mia. Jones (T), 14. M. DiCello (P), 15. Mad. Jones (T).


Tamaqua 22, Lehighton 36

Tamaqua 15, Pottsville 45

Tamaqua 20, Pine Grove 38

Lehighton 23, Pottsville 33

Lehighton 26, Pine Grove 30

1.Travis Anderson (PG) 18:03, 2. B. Fogarty (T) 18:43, 3. T. Ehrig (T) 20:04, 4. C. Wentz (L), 5. C. Kab (T), 6. L. Lichtenwalner (L), 7. M. Hoffman (L), 8. A. Humes (T), 9. C. Osenbach (T), 10. T. DeBruyn (PG), 11. J. Lescavage (P), 12. D. Budwash (P), 13. A. Owens (PG), 14. B. Long (T), 15. B. Depaz (L).

Mahanoy A.-Minersville-

Gillingham Charter-Marian

Marian swept a Schuylkill League meet in Hometown.

Grace Curnow sparked the Fillies with a second-place finish in the girls’ meet, while Gavin Vercusky led the Colts with a third-place finish on the boys side.


Marian 20, Mahanoy Area 39

Marian 15, Minersville 50

Marian 15, Gillingham Charter 50

1. Quick (MA) 22:48, 2. Curnow (Mar.) 23:47, 3. Napoletano (Mar.) 23:57, 4. Mehallo (Mar.), 5. Wentz (Min.), 6. Kreisl (Mar.), 7. LaPoint (Min), 8. Genao (Mar.), 9. Hertz (Min.), 10. Bowles (MA).


Marian 15, Gillingham Charter 50

Marian 20, Mahanoy Area 41

Marian 24, Minersville 31

1. Streisl (MA) 17:12, 2. Boyle (Min.) 18:39, 3. Vercusky (Mar.), 19:28, 4. Arriaga (Mar.), 5. Earley (Mar.), 6. Holincheck (Mar.), 7. Kurtek (Min.), 8. Houser (Min.), 9. Beck (Min.), 10. Burgess (Min.).

Jim Thorpe-Blue Mountain- Sch. Haven-N. Schuylkill

The Jim Thorpe boys ran to a 2-1 mark on the day, while the Lady Olympians finished with a 1-2 mark at a Schuylkill League meet at North Schuylkill.

Kate Bos paced the Olympians with a fifth-place finish with a time of 23:12.

James Schwartz recorded a 12th-place finish for the Jim Thorpe boys.


North Schuylkill 18, Jim Thorpe 40

Blue Mountain 20, Jim Thorpe 41

Jim Thorpe 24, Schuylkill Haven 32

1. C. McCormick (NS) 18:57, 2. Schwalm (NS) 20:27, 3. K. McCormick (NS) 20:31, 4. Scheidel (BM), 5. Bos (JT) 6. Basile (BM), 7. Laughlin (BM), 8. Kuzio (NS), 9. Mitchell (BM) 10. Rosahac (JT).


Blue Mountain 15, Jim Thorpe 50

Jim Thorpe 20, Schuylkill Haven 41

Jim Thorpe 25, North Schuylkill 33

1. Haas (BM) 17:03, 2. Flynn (NS) 17:48, 3. Phipps (BM) 18:08, 4. Williams (NS), 5. Scheidel (BM), 6. Harris (BM), 7. Carr (BM), 8. Rabenstein (BM), 9. Sherry (BM), 10. Petrizzo (BM).

Nativity-Shenandoah -Tri-Valley-Weatherly

Shenandoah Valley placed six runners in the top-10 to seal a sweep in a Schuylkill League meet in Weatherly. With the triumph, the Blue Devils secured the Division 2 Championship.

Tri-Valley swept the girls’ meet to stay on track for a Division 2 Title.

Scotty Zoscin led the Wreckers, who finished 2-1 on the day as a team, with a first-place finish.

Danielle Gordon set a new Weatherly school record in the girls’ meet with a time of 23:43.


Tri-Valley 15, Weatherly 50

Weatherly-Tri-Valley, No Contest

1. Samantha Mosser (TV) 21:34, 2. Brooke Adams (TV) 23:03, 3. Danielle Gordon (W) 23:43, 4. Paige Mitchell (TV), 5. Isabelle Stewart (TV), 6. Ellie Wolfgang (TV), 7. Grace Stewart (TV), 8. Elizabeth Marshman (W), 9. Angelina Donovan (SV), 10. Victoria Donovan (SV), 11. Angela Werkheiser (TV), 12. Kaylee Hysock (SV), 13. Charlie Ou (SV), 14. Elizabeth Knight (W), 15. Lizzie Stehr (TV).


Shenandoah Valley 22, Weatherly 34

Weatherly 15, Tri-Valley 50

Weatherly 16, Nativity 45

1. Scotty Zoscin (W) 18:06, 2. Joelvi Nunez (SV) 18:47, 3. Diego Olayo (SV) 19:09, 4. Connor Stasulli (SV), 5. Frankie Willis (W), 6. Luis Welazquez (SV), 7. Ivan Manjaraz (SV), 8. Jacob Parker (W), 9. Ricky Ray (W), 10. Hunter Davis (SV), 11. Alex Mathers (N), 12. Brady Walters (W), 13. Aidan Cassidy (N), 14. Ty Bowers (SV), 15. Michael Berger (W).



Two goals by Luke Verta sparked Tamaqua to a 3-1 Schuylkill League win over Lehighton.

Tyler Steigerwalt added the other Blue Raiders’ score.

Connor Hanley opened the scoring in the first half for the Indians, but the Blue Raiders went on for three unanswered goals.

Nathaniel Noftz finished with 11 saves for the Raiders, while Randy Bongiorno made 17 saves for the Tribe.

Palmerton-Pen Argyl

Pen Argyl blanked Palmerton for a 3-0 Colonial League victory.

Jim Thorpe-Blue Mountain

A second-half goal lifted Blue Mountain to a 1-0 Schuylkill League win over Jim Thorpe.

Owen Oakley broke the scoreless tie for the Eagles, while Brian Dunkel made seven saves to preserve the shutout.

Jacob Geiser stopped two shots for the Olympians.


Easton-Pleasant Valley

Jenny Rae Schneider’s goal was all Pleasant Valley needed to score a 1-0 Eastern Pennsylvania Conference victory over Easton.

Rachel Baez was credited with the assist.



Ana Recker’s hat-trick sparked Palmerton to a 5-2 Colonial League victory over Salisbury.

Emily Baumgardt and Erin Kistler also added sscores for the Bombers, while Emma Christman and Abby Everett both had assists.


Tamaqua-William Allen

William Allen posted a 5-0 win over Tamaqua.

William Allen 5, Tamaqua 0


Lindsey Shoemaker (WA) def. Nami Choi 6-0, 6-0; Cindy luu (WA) def. Anjelika Bolletino 6-4, 6-2; Carrie Spangler (WA) def. Sabrina Pratt 5-7, 6-1, 7-5.


Melissa Fatziner/Sallee Booz (WA) def. Leah Turner/Megan Oswald 6-3, 6-0; Melody Herrera/Bella Macsisak (WA) def. Kallia Wall/Emily Hunsicker 6-5, 7-5.

Jim Thorpe-Schuylkill Vy.

Jim Thorpe recorded a 6-1 victory over Schuylkill Valley.

Christy McLean, Kaitlyn O’Neil, Trista Gehris, Evelyn Flores and Gabby Nunez went on to sweep singles’ play for the Olympians.

Kaylinn and Hailey Trine posted a doubles’ victory for Thorpe.

Jim Thorpe 6, Schuylkill Valley 1


Christy McLean (JT) def. Taylor Shekalus 6-2, 6-0; Kaitlyn O’Neil (JT) def. Emily Kale 6-1, 6-4; Trista Gehris (JT) def. Nichole Danks 6-3, 7-6 (10-8); Evelyn Flores (JT) def. Alyssa Potts 6-0, 6-0; Gabby Nunez (JT) def. Addison Angstadt 6-4, 6-1.


Taylor Shekalus/Emily Kale (SV) def. Chloe Getz/Sophia Samoleski 8-0 (proset); Kaylinn Trine/Hailey Trine (JT) def. Alyssa Pots/Megan Kaifsnyder 8-7 proset.


Northwestern-Saucon Vy.

Saucon Valley was able to pull out a 25-20, 28-26, 25-20 Colonial League win over Northwestern.

Freedom-Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley dropped a 25-9, 25-9, 25-20 Eastern Pennsylvania Conference match to Freedom.

The Bears’ Cameron Caffrey finished with 11 assists, four digs and one ace, while Ariana Thourot ended up with eight digs, three assists and two kills.

Lexi Burgos (four kills, two blocks) and Deskyn Beade (nine digs) also played well for PV.

Freeland MMI-Tamaqua

Freeland knocked off Tamaqua for a 25-16, 25-22, 25-11 non-league win.

Maddison Baddick led the Blue Raiders with three aces, two digs and an ace, while Jillian Tite recorded five aces and one block.


Panther Valley-Shenandoah

Panther Valley knocked off Shenandoah Valley for a 28-20 win.

Maddison Maynard led the Panthers (5-2) with 13 points, while Kaidence Krapf recorded nine.

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