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Fracking bills fail to protect children

Published October 18. 2019 11:08AM

Dear Editor:

We need for our elected Pennsylvania state lawmakers to represent and work for their constituents, rather than for their own pocketbooks, their political careers and for their fracking industry campaign contributors. I’m talking about the House and Senate bills that our lawmakers introduced, which fail to protect our children from the increased likelihood of becoming cancer statistics.

These bills are Restore PA: House Bill 1585 and Senate Bill 725, which guarantee 20 more years of drilling and fracking while giving subsidies to the gas industry. Translated into constituent language: 20 more years of promoting childhood cancers, as well as a threat to the health of all people living within the fracking areas. Energize PA: House Bill 1100-1107, a package of bad bills subsidizing fracking and petrochemicals. Senate Bill 866, introduced by state Sen. John Yudichak, which gives subsidies to the petrochemical and fertilizer industries. Senate Bill 790, which allows the spreading of fracking waste on our roads. Senate Bill 887, the ALEC-inspired bill that would criminalize pipeline protest.

Yes, people, our First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech is being threatened by the lawmakers we elected and who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. But not only our right to freedom of speech is being threatened, but our right to a clean environment that does not cause us and our children cancer and other devastating illnesses is on the chopping block. I encourage all readers to research these bills, and to contact our lawmakers and tell them to represent us, their constituents, and to protect our health and rights.

Debby Rabold


And people that care, need to vote for the Dems because they actually care about our environment.
It is well known the GOP hates rules and regulations. So they can run amok and do as they please. There is a history with them people. Wake up.

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