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Failure to act

Published February 07. 2019 01:01PM

Dear FISA Court,

I consider myself to be an average American citizen who follows the news, the real news. Every time something in the news refers to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, your court, I keep wondering why you allowed high-ranking government officials to lie to you without receiving even a reprimand after they committed multiple felonies in your presence.

It doesn’t matter which of you 11 judges issued the Trump Dossier FISA warrants, you all are taking the blame for your inactions.

Under normal circumstances and with good, honest judges, those government officials should have been perp-walked into your court to answer why they lied again and again, and then sentenced them accordingly.

As to why you haven’t done so, I can only come up with three possibilities: You are cowards, afraid that the swamp dwellers will come for you or your families as they have done previously; you are being blackmailed — threatened with exposing your most-hidden secrets; or you are just as corrupt as the other sewer rats. Which one is it? Maybe two or all three?

I would suspect there are millions of Americans that are thinking these same thoughts about you. How does it feel? If it concerns you, say something about it! Do something about it!

Have federal marshals conduct pre-dawn raids at the homes of those lying, corrupt FBI officials and drag them before your court to answer for their crimes against you and the rest of America.

If we don’t see some action on your part, your 11 names will go down in history with an asterisk and not in a good light, and America will continue to wonder which of those three possibilities fits you, but most will suspect the corrupt one. Maybe our next U.S. Attorney General can get to the bottom of your failure to act.

JJ Adams

Jim Thorpe

The swamp doesn't want that discussed for some reason.
After these TEA Folks die down, Trump is buried six feet down, they may be able to get things back to where they want it, and by they, I mean both Parties.
The Republic may be too far gone JJ.

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