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Priest accused of stealing nearly $100K from parish

Published August 22. 2019 07:51AM

DOWNINGTON (AP) — A Pennsylvania Roman Catholic priest is accused of stealing nearly $100,000 from his parish and spending it on a beach house and men he met on dating apps.

The Chester County District Attorney’s Office says 56-year-old Monsignor Joseph McLoone was arrested Wednesday for theft from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Downingtown.

Prosecutors allege the priest diverted funds into secret accounts and misappropriated fees charged to parishioners.

They say McLoone used the money for a beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey, as well as spending it on men he was dating.

Prosecutors allege McLoone gave himself a raise by doubling the amount he collected as a stipend for each Mass, wedding and funeral.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia says McLoone is on leave and they’re cooperating with authorities.

No attorney is listed in court documents.

This is what happens when we take God out of our lives...oh wait, nevermind
This is an unfortunate failure of a man who represented God. There is no need to project your dislike of God onto the public and stereotype all God fairing people. You lock minded liberals are the first to bellyache when someone ties you collectively to the failure of the New Green Deal plan. Joe, you can’t even spell straight, you are so gleeful over this.”...God out if our lives...”
T2C (diggerout-thrown off TN site for vulgar behavior) you are the animal. You are a dirty animal that needs Christianity to save your soul. You should turn to God for help. You have too many problems to be concerned about others problems.
There I fixed it for you. There is nothing more lame than being the spelling police on a message board.

I go to church every week. I even teach Sunday school and tithe. You?

What I don't do is weaponize faith for the purpose of fighting a culture war. I don't push the Christians good, everyone else bad dyad.
Funny Joe how you have blank spaces in your own conduct. When “the spelling police” get turned on suddenly becomes “lame”. Ha
Epic fail, but then again as a Roman Catholic myself its what Ive come to expect. When my church figures out that Priests and Nuns are human beings first maybe they will do a better job of vetting these people

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