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Father charged with beating man he said sexually assaulted his son

Published August 13. 2019 01:01PM


A Nesquehoning man is facing a sexual assault count and the father of the victim is also charged with assaulting the suspect.

Nesquehoning police said the two assault incidents occurred on Aug. 7.

According to police, at 12:57 p.m. officers were dispatched to a residence along Stock Street for a reported sexual assault of a minor. On scene officers found Mark A. Meade, 29, being detained by the victim’s father.

The father said he walked into a room in the home and caught Meade forcing his 1-year-old son to perform a sexual act. The victim’s father said he was helping Meade move out at the time.

Police charged Meade with one count of statutory sexual assault of a person less than 14 years of age.

Police also said while investigating the sexual assault incident Meade told them that he had been assaulted by the victim’s father.

Meade said the father assaulted him violently and claimed he was “pistol whipped” with a handgun. Meade also said he was held in the home for two hours before police were called. Police said Meade had multiple lumps and marks on his head consistent with being assaulted. Police found a gun at the scene.

As a result police charged the father with aggravated assault.

Meade’s bail was set at $100,000. The father’s bail is $10,000. Neither were able to make bail and were remanded to the Carbon County Correctional Facility.


This father should have NEVER been charged. Imagine the horror of finding your 1yr old child being molested.

Mr. Mead is lucky that he was only pistol whipped. Put yourself in that dad’s shoes.
Shame on our DA’s office if charges aren’t dismissed rapidly
GIve him a medal for making up a story. He beat up his drug dealer who short changed him. So he just made up excuse that no one would ever question. A lot of things in this scenario don't add up to me. A lot of supposed tragedies in this area are drug activity. The house fire in Lehigh Township where the house exploded ( aka meth lab). I think there's potential in this incident for same truth to come out. But hell, say he molested your kid. Every internet troll will jump onboard to help you
There no exceptions then how does law enforcement get away with murder rape I feared for my life or oops The gun accidentally went off . No reason to expect law enforcement to do the right thing. A father there is no boundaries in this situation. The perp should feel lucky he is alive.
Being a father of an 11yr old, that POS would've needed a coroner. No questions asked
Chestnut: Even animals in the jungle protect their young, ITS HUMAN BASIC INSTINCT-screw the law. Someone hurts one of my kids, or grands, not even cadaver dogs will pick up a scent
Why hasn't anything been done or said about the drugs, meth and heroin were being used! They had cell service and other people were in the home, Where's the drug arrests. The whole story is not being told, 2 hour window , and grown men doing drugs around children, I hope this situation is thoroughly investigated.
I agree that the disgusting pig bastard molester got what he deserved and I doubt I'd have done anything different had I walked in on that kind of situation. Doing it impulsively in the heat of the moment with passion is totally understandable BUT the father was stupid to wait two hours to call law enforcement and that's why he was charged. Hopefully that delay won't jeopardize the case. I'm sure that more than one lawyer is jumping at the opportunity to represent the father.
And I agree with the idea of castration for all sexual predators!
GINGER: Can you for a minute imagine all the different competing instinct and feelings the father was feeling at the time? Its GUTTERALL Trust me if anything the fathers actions will be found to be warranted. The perp is lucky he was not killed
I have a feeling there is a lot more to this story! It took place is Nesquehoning. I immediately figured the Morales beat up this dude after he short changed him on their drug deal. That's usually what is happening in that town! Why would a stranger be alone with your kid? The child rape claim is a nice crutch to lean on. All the internet preachers will gloat and say he deserved it. We shall see we shall see if the accusation was true! I am pretty sure all involved are scumbags because that's who lives in that POS town!

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