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Constable said Weissport didn’t have assistance when he needed it

Published May 21. 2019 01:11PM

Weissport Borough Council was addressed by Constable James Osborne during the meeting on Monday.

Osborne told council that in the past month he required assistance and reached out to a local police department personally, since no one was on duty in Weissport at the time.

Osborne refused to provide the name of the officer he spoke to, but said he was told, “We don’t cross the bridge, that is Weissport. Call state police. We’re not coming to help.”

Osborne told council that last Monday he had another incident where he had two people at gunpoint after he observed them using drugs. Osborne said he called 911, requesting assistance. The communications center transferred his call to the state police.

Osborne said the state police were tied up on other calls but finally responded 15 to 20 minutes later, and a physical altercation took place.

Osborne stated, “I am sick and tired of Carbon County and this area here treating me like I’m the criminal. That’s exactly the way I was treated on Monday.”

He told council he doesn’t appreciate that other departments will come to Weissport to eat dinner but they won’t come to Weissport to help when requested.

“This is getting old,” Osborne said.

Council President Arland Moyer Sr. echoed Osborne’s concerns and said, “There’s no reason why they can’t come and assist, but they can come over here every day of the week and sit here for at least an hour at a time. If they can’t come to Weissport to help, they shouldn’t come to Weissport at all.”

Moyer made reference to several local police departments as well as state police while speaking.

Mayor Paulette Watson said she will reach out to have a discussion with other officials regarding the concerns raised by Osborne.

Just like on sundays in franklin township. U can’t get ahold of a cop U call state pool ice n they say did u try local.
A constable pretending he is a police officer enforcing drug law violations and a Council President talking out his - well you know! An example of Weissport leadership political reasoning. Childish!
I cant believe after 25 years of law enforcement then no one taught you this PA 44-7158...
§ 7158. Arrest in boroughs.
In addition to any other powers granted under law, a constable of a borough shall, without warrant and upon view, arrest and commit for hearing any person who:
(1) Is guilty of a breach of the peace, vagrancy, riotous or disorderly conduct or drunkenness.
(2) May be engaged in the commission of any unlawful act tending to imperil the personal security or endanger the property of the citizens.
(3) Violates any ordinance of the borough for which a fine or penalty is imposed.

I only hope I am not exchanging comments with someone other than a Constable with the power of lawful arrest. You are citing this section as your defense? You obviously are not trained in law or you would not have sent this crap. Some constables understand their limits. Others, maybe like you, find themselves in cuffs for attempting to do police investigations and shield themselves behind this jargon. Go talk to them in prison and ask how it worked out for them. Constables are not given the authority to conduct drug investigations which is probably why assistance was NOT available to him. Or you? To explain to you why would be useless and very time consuming for a blog. I certainly stand behind my lengthy and in-depth experience over yours.
Investigations?? , where do you get ON-VIEW an investigation? there are NUMEROUS other laws so maybe you should learn some of those laws before you step "out of your lane". I am really beginning to believe you dont know much of a Constable's authority than what you have "heard" from others and or what I like to call "Law by Legend". Educate yourself on all the laws on the books of the Authority of a Constable including a recent PA Superior Case last month " Commonwealth VS Allen" which even upheld the exact same authority of what this Constable did not to mention PA Supreme Court ruling with Constables on Act 147 where the Court held also the Constable was a Peace/Police officer whose job it is to maintain the Peace and arrest the arrest authority,

That said this conversation with you is now closed because I have seen you have no idea what a Constable is let alone the authority they do have, so stay in your lane .... by the way "if" and I use that word "if" lightly you are in any sort of Law Enforcement than your authority also comes from the Constables, ... dont believe that I will be more than happy to show you in Statue where it does.

Have a good day

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