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Cabinet maker abruptly closes, lays off nearly 1,000 workers

Published May 14. 2019 05:39AM

KREAMER (AP) — A wood cabinetry maker in northcentral Pennsylvania says it is closing and laying off nearly 1,000 employees.

Wood-Mode Inc. spokesman David Scarr said in a statement Monday that a deal to sell the Snyder County-based company to another firm fell through last week and its prime lender was “unwilling to provide normal funding.” As a result, the 77-year-old company says it is unable to continue operating.

The Daily Item of Sunbury reported that six state police troopers, three county sheriff’s deputies and Middleburg Borough police were stationed at its Kreamer plant as employees left, many carrying boxes of personal items to their cars.

Employees said they’d had no notice before Monday that a shutdown was imminent.

The company said it’ll pay accrued wages to laid-off employees.


Information from: The Daily Item,

Oh I feel the love flowing out this morning Digger. What's got your panties in a bunch ole friend? Still ticked off over the lacking Mueller report?
Perhaps it's the flourishing economy?
I hope your day gets better.
Don't even try to talk sense to them. They like it when a President refuses to uphold his oath of office to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. But then what do you expect from a stinking corrupt draft dodger.
There's investigations to investigate the investigators. This is the job of DOJ, and just wait.
We need to remember, people can change, and Trump is. I wasn't a Trump supporter, but now that he's POTUS, I embrace him, based on what he's accomplished.
Home improvements are declining. Two issues, the new tax bill has taken away incentive to take out home equity and interest rates have gone up. Higher end producers are losing out to Big box in this environment.

The other issue is the lack of labor. With the closing of the border workers on temporary visas or awaiting immigration decisions contractors are being more selective in projects. Less projects mean less cabinets.
Gentlemen, I am not sure what the reason for the decline of Wood Mode is. I am sure that there is a much deeper story that can not be fairly covered, or fully covered here. Usually, the flawed business model story serves. Perhaps, the consumer base grew apart from what the company offered. I think it would be unfair to do an armchair analysis like this. There are so many variables that could be under the surface. The good news is that the economy is on fire. Home Depot stock is up partially because home improvements are increasing, earnings come out next week. People are taking advantage of extra money from higher earnings and favorable tax returns by spending. I am not sure how high quality cabinets compete with cheaper cabinets. I always thought consumer competition was greater in the middle rather than the extremes.
America has a plentiful base of qualified laborers. America has a steady flow of legal immigrants. Closing the border only eliminates illegal immigrants. Employers should have to hire legal employees rather than take advantage of illegals. This little adjustment would lead to higher wages for skilled cabinet makers. The truth about economics is that you can easily make an argument in either direction.
It is my thought that the competition from Chi Coms has closed this and many other American Manufacturers. China perfected what I call a Complete Knock Down Cabinet. They ship collapsed, in boxes, and get assembled here, by Chinese. I've also seen some horrible reviews of Wood-Mode Cabinets. This is a shame, but to pin this on Trump?
If China is winning in the cabinet market, then you tip your cap, respect their strategy, and work to out compete them. I am a business man and the only thing I want from my government is for it to stay out of my way. I don’t want “help” through increased taxes or pursuing policies that destabilize the markets.

The fact you and Dr Rambo think I’m a liberal shows just how twisted you are by your love for trump. I am far to the right of you and trump when it comes to economic policy. You are sitting in the socialism seat and don’t even realize it.
Joe, come on. Quite frankly, you are all over the board. You display tremendous gaps in knowledge and understanding. You willfully ignore pertinent information that you don’t want to hear. In many ways you are a Liberal. You display a hatred for President Trump that spoils your thought process. I don’t think you are able to have an unbiased opinion of the current political situation. Are you James Comey? It is like you were fired by Trump at some point. Did Trump outsmart you in a business deal? I bet you can’t think of one positive change Trump created. I am hoping for you.
Post when you have some substance. I’ve heard all about my “gaps in knowledge” and “hatred of trump”.

Otherwise you should stick with debating digging out, that’s more your level.
Joe, you said you have “distain” for President Trump. You oppose Trump all of the time. You willfully overlook anything positive that Trump creates. You believe that everyone should hate Trump as you do. You purposely overlook accomplishments that cause “tremendous gaps in knowledge and understanding.” Of course, nothing is perfect, but, you go out of your way to emphasize the negatives, as you deny the positives. It is funny to watch.
The real funny thing to watch is how you have an innate bias. For instance, you never met me and you “would bet” that I do not have a Doctorate. To set the record straight, I in fact do have a Doctoral Degree. I spent about $90k, 3years time, 1.5 years full time. I published a Doctoral Thesis (book!). Then I had to defend the thesis in front of a board of 3 Professors (4 hours). My reward for that hard work was a handshake from the 3 Professors and a Corvette in my garage...along with professional accolades from my peers. You are insulting and biased. Maybe when you get your Doctorate we can talk about it. My accomplishments stand for themselves. I don’t need “level of education” insults from you. You should stick with reducing your tremendous gaps of knowledge and understanding rather than insulting something you know nothing about.
why are you so stuck on what I think of trump? My issues are about policy and morality and nothing has happened to change that.

What you need to understand is opposition to trump come from both sides. I realize you would prefer to write me off as a “libtard” but my views are consistent libertarian, classical liberalism if you prefer. And no I will not sacrifice my own morality to support this president, even if he started laying golden eggs. I know the path he is taking us is dangerous and I won’t support it.

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