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Record number of voters in Carbon County

Published October 21. 2019 12:49PM


A record number of registered voters in Carbon County, 43,832, are eligible to participate in the general election of 2019 that will be held on Nov. 5 in each of the county’s 51 election districts.

The Republican Party continues to hold on to the voter registration edge, having 1,579 more signed-up voters than does the Democratic Party.

The county’s board of elections is expected to certify those numbers at an upcoming meeting. The certification will show there are 19,330 Republicans and 17,751 Democrats.

Meanwhile, 4,073 county residents have opted to have “no affiliation” on their registration, while another 996 people registered to the Independent party and 783 others are listed as “nonpartisans.”

Because election officials are required to sign up voters as per the party reference they make on their registration form, there are 42 different categories of political party affiliations.

In addition to the registrations listed above, others are registered as follows:

Libertarian, 234; other, 233; no party, 191; none, 98; Green, 53; Conservative, 13; Constitutional, 9; Independent, 8; Independence, 7; Liberal, 5; Constitution and Reform, 4 each; Birthday, Consumers, Halloween and Independent Democrat, 3 each; American, Independent Republican, not sure, open, Patriot, Right to Life and Socialist, 2 each; and Adarian, any, bi-partisan, Bull Moose, Constitutionalist, Green Party, neutral, no, Third Party, Trump, undecided, United We Stand, unknown and Who I Think Is Best, 1 each.


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