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Cat plan not environmentally responsible

Published January 28. 2019 12:10PM

Dear Mr. Frassinelli,

In a recent editorial you defended a compromise plan in Palmerton involving feral cats. The plan calls for a trap, neuter and release program. You said it was a “workable strategy with which everyone can live.”

Everyone, perhaps, except the song birds, voles, salamanders, and other small mammals, reptiles and amphibians that will be killed by the released cats. Cats are natural predators, but they are not natural to the ecosystem, nor do they cease hunting even after they are fed. They are among the leading causes of the decline in bird populations.

The plan ignores other species. Releasing cats, neutered or not, is not an environmentally responsible policy.

Roy Christman

Towamensing Township

..."Cats are among the leading causes of the decline in bird populations..." Really? So you're suggesting that the feral cat problem in Palmerton may actually cause a significant decrease in the local avian population? I must ask you, Mr. Christman, if you are against the neutering of these feral cats, what is the alternative? Is it more humane to ignore their cries? Kill them via a leghold trap? Drown them? Put a bullet in their heads? You did not suggest a solution. (By the way, I like birds more than I do cats).
Overpopulation has become a serious problem in animal shelters, but in years past, they would euthanize pets not claimed.
Today we think nothing of allowing late term abortion, to where the baby is pulled out of the womb to the head, a scissor inserted into the babies head, opened up to make possible for the brains to be sucked out, collapsing the babies head, so the abortionist can fully rip the baby out and discard it. Killing a human baby in this fashion causes so much more pain to an innocent baby, than what a bullet to the head causes a cat.
I vote the lead injection, as I too like songbirds and babies even more.
Mike Meyers, your comment about abortion has nothing to do with the feral cat population, and it made me sick. I, too, am pro-life, and do not need to be reminded of what happens during an abortion. Let's stick to the initial topic, shall we?
My comment pertained to the subject matter, but I used a comparative advantage in the middle to bring the reader to realize, there are far more important issues to be looking into. I then did follow up. Sorry to sicken you, but that's the "Advantage".
To the contrary. Here is an article to verify Mr. Christmans statement:
Wow are you a dreamer. You should have someone spack you to make sure your awake. Feeding these feral cats brings more and other wild animals you idiot.
Read and learn stupid.
They give me cat scratch fever...
Cat scratch fever....
I got a bad scratch fever....
The cat scratch fever....
(Ted Nugent)

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