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Is this best for our country?

Published October 19. 2019 05:36AM

About a month ago I emailed Pat Toomey, asking him to explain the Republican agenda. What are their hopes and dreams for our country? What do they aspire to accomplish?

Of course, again, I got no answer. So, again, I resort to a public email. Since the Republican Party is spending so much time defending and supporting Trump for re-election, I can only assume that they believe him to be the best person to fulfill their aspirations. The problem is that truth and freedom of the press do not exist in Trump’s world. Laws of the land do not apply to Donald Trump. Just ask him.

Congress has no power of oversight into this administration. Democrats and the intelligence community are attacked as the deep state. Trump has replaced knowledgeable, patriotic people with sycophants. The Treasury, State and Judiciary branches represent Trump, not the country. Offhand I cannot think of anyone who actually is interested in protecting us. You and your party fight tooth and nail to defend everything Trump does. Is this, then, the Republican Party’s aspiration for the United States of America? That we should be led by a president who openly solicits, again, interference into our sacred elections and who is even now sending the attorney general around the world seeking help from other countries? Help to absolve Russia of interference in the 2016 election? And, by the way, why am I forced to pay for this fool’s errand?

Hate, suspicion and division are the mantra of the man you are supporting. Is this, then, Mr. Toomey, the Republican agenda as well? Is this your dream for the future of the United States? Is this the best thing for our country? You were elected to represent the citizens of this country, not Donald Trump. If I am wrong about anything that I have written, I would be glad to be proven wrong. I do not rejoice in sending this letter. But, then, that would require a response from you that never comes. That would require you to show some honor and patriotism.

Please Mr. Toomey, prove me wrong!

Thank you.

Linda Maguire

Jim Thorpe

By LAW, toomey and all public SERVANTS, must answer each and every correspondence from their constituents in a timely and meaningful manner. No form letters pre-prepared for each eventuality. toomey is parasitic coward. Hold him accountable. Contact the ethics committee. A letter to the radical right TN won't accomplish a thing.
toomey is derelict in his responsibilities. He's too busy with his personal profiteering., not to mention the entire GOP is busy engaging in CYA!
What's best for our country? Every breeder liberal should be castrated. Towel headed, America hating treasonous Allah suckers
Donald J Trump does not favor socialism, every Democrat Candidate does.
Enough Said.
Open your eyes to the big picture, and stop allowing the media to dictate your thinking. The letter indicates dictation, and I say this in respect.
sycophants? That's one of those buzzwords being thrown around by the media.
As for "Hate, suspicion and division", I see more hate among you folks who continue to fight the president. Suspicion is evidenced by the constant unsubstantiated investigations, which end in big fat NOTHINGS! And all the while, the actions of the Democrats/Media, is dividing us all. Look in the mirror Linda, turn off the TV and look for Hate, Suspicion, and Division in what you see in that mirror. I'll do the same. Perhaps we all need to examine our selves first. Pat Toomey included.
Dear Linda,
There is a time in everyone’s life where you come to a crossroads. You either believe what you are led to believe or you believe what is right. Sometimes, the truth comes out of the blind side, and sometimes, the truth walks away unnoticed. One of the many wonders of the American Republic is that voters decide during one day in November every four years who is to become a President of the United States. In 2016, through the long standing use of the Electoral College, President Donald J. Trump became the legitimate President. Millions of people voted for him. Immediately, outcries began for “resistance” if you remember, through unprecedented insults toward the family and personal attacks. This outright hatred has escalated in the time since. To all to many, nothing can be said to change their opinion. So far, we have proven that “Russian Operatives” were hired by Hillary Clinton to create a Dossier that was to frame Trump through the use of a few corrupt FBI & CIA agents that tried to take matters into their own hands as a silent coup. This is all documented in the book “The Russian Hoax”. The news media built the Russian collusion narrative. May I ask, where is that now? How about the Mueller Report? Soon additional information will be revealed about the FISA reports. Under false pretenses, four times these warrants were extended without any verification at all. You may refuse all of this Linda, but, for the sake of America, don’t you want to know the truth? Certain media outlets take advantage of citizens and attempt to pass off thinly veiled hatred as journalism. Why would it be that if I wore a MAGA hat, you would have outright contempt for me? The hatred is wrong. The media is complicit in their attempted derailment of any Trump policy. Why would a border wall be supported several years ago, be, refused conditions have gotten worse? Please take the time to expand your sources and review the fundamentals of your belief structure. You owe America a fair examination if you ever want to take the right road. I am sorry that media outlets have hijacked a clever person like you. I am a better person when I review opposing viewpoints. The truth, however bitter, will unite time.
Again the two biggest idiots that keep spouting mountains of garbage aren't even answering the letters main topic. Why the ass kisser Pat Tommey didn't answer her email. They keep insisting that the people must bow down to the Traitor in chief. He has more cabinet members step down because of fraud or doing illegal activity than any other president in this nations history. Remember that this Bone spur in chief has married a communist at heart. Along with his other ass kisser Moscow Mitch who also married a communist at heart. Sounds like a Hitler party to me. So do these 2 dopes, Ramblowme and Mikeyeatseveryone, belong to the Traitor in Chief SS squad and have you sent to the Stalag.
To Tammy and others...
Toomey does not favor Trump.
If the letter writer's wordsmith style resembles yours Tammy, it's understandable that she wouldn't get a response. Why do Democrats have to be crude and obnoxious Tammy? The anger will be the end of you all, it's like an acid, it'll eat away ate the vessel.
Peace All
Good Morning!
My goal is to be on guard, stand firm, and do all things in love.
My name calling isn't crude and obnoxious (XXX Rated) is it? It's often in love.
Now I'm not saying I don't have failures, as I've got many imperfections.
Why don't you stop with that accusatory spiritual calling out, unless it is truly out of love.
Hey Joe, what say you work out your salvation with fear and trembling, I'll do same, and perhaps in doing so, we'll spread love rather than hate.
Your witness would only turn people off to the this good?!???

Sorry. “Idiot” and “asshole” are not words out of love. This is evidence of the erosion of morals that has harkened the age of trump.
An idiot???
Well if an idiot's an idiot, then idiot fits.
Stop it Joe, you just challenge and come against for sport.
No longer making sport here idiot.
Well perhaps your fear and trembling is from your insecurity in faith. For me I’m confident in my faith. Straighten up mike, act like a man and not a child. Be a positive witness to faith.
Geez oh whiz, for one who attended Christian College and teaches Sunday School, ought recognize that.
"Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling,"
Paul advised the Church in Phillipi.
Philippians 2:12
Do Everything Without Grumbling
"Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling,"
Come on Joe
its ok buddy...tam grad is still trying to figure out how his sister is his mom. he is one of the absolute dumbest posters on here and is still trying to figure out this internet thing
TG you need a disclaimer every time you post. Tamaqua is a good school district...then there is you. You missed out on manners, spelling, and history. You were in the back row, eating erasers and busting pencils off in your a**. The nurse needed to bring pliers in from home to extract the broken pencils. You spent your days lounging in the nurse’s office and missed out. One day, you heard the name Hitler...and you have been infatuated ever since. You make Tamaqua school district look bad. You are about the dumbest one to ever graduate from anywhere. Keep it up. Tamaqua should withdraw your diploma for their own honor.
And you Rivertuber have such intelligent words to add to the conversation. Chuckle, Chuckle.

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