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4 charged in Penn State tailgate party buzzed by helicopter

Published February 08. 2019 03:27PM

STATE COLLEGE (AP) — Four Penn State students face misdemeanor liquor law violations over a football tailgating party broken up when a state police helicopter flew so low it sent tents and other items flying.

The charges filed Thursday in district court include selling alcohol without a license and providing alcohol to people under 21. The four are accused of organizing or running the tailgate party.

Video showed astonished reactions as the helicopter loomed overhead.

State police said they regretted any damage that occurred in the parking lot before the Penn State-Ohio State football game on Sept. 29.

Penn State suspended the use of helicopters to make announcements outside football games after the incident.

The pilot had apparently been trying to get low enough that the unruly crowd could hear an order to disperse.

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